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Tasty Data – Gary’s Blog

Live could be full of tastes – you only need to be brave enough to discover them all

Welcome to my blog

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The reason why I started this blog is to provide you best pickup that I personally love.
This is my personal memorial for those interesting page that I find sometimes but frequently I forgot to memorize or save.

Usually they are gone in the deeps of everyday life and it is really hard to find them again.

So this is why I started this diary with my personal best pickups. You can use it of you can dump it. It really doesn’t matter because it is mainly for me.

Why we produce so much data ?

We live in mass informations times. There are hundreds of thousand gigabytes of data produces by each of us everyday. It ‘s hard to imagine how much data in processed by technological companies those time.
This is why we have such good data processing. And you also need to be able to analyze that data and create a plan.

Why we have to analyze the data?

I think a lot of your problems are due to this kind of work. I’m very sad to see our data processing technology becoming obsolete very quickly. I really hope this is a very big problem. You must really think, ‘I have to do something with this huge amount of data that I just got’

You have to think about how to make your products and services that you have created ‘worth the time and effort’ to you. You must think of the ‘time and effort’ that this ‘big’ data must be put into. You just have to understand that ‘big’ data is not a problem only for you. That ‘big’ data is also a ‘problem for everyone’. You have to take care of this problem so we can continue to create more good ‘products’ and ‘services’. We’re not going to solve the ‘big problem’ alone. We have to do it in partnership with the whole world. I’m not saying that it’s a bad idea with big data to use it for ‘good’ things in the future but you have to be very careful.

This is why I think it’s good practice to start with data processing by your company. I would strongly recommend it too, because it’s more efficient for you. But, it is difficult to do it in small business. I do believe that it’s a good idea to start with data processing and then to grow as a company. Then you can start looking for data services that you can provide as an open source project in your organization, such as:

You could create an open source project to provide services. This is also possible but it could take some time to create a successful project. You should start small and then you will see more and more progress. I believe that you should also take care of the open source project by your company. I also strongly encourage you to take care of it by creating your own data processing technology, open sources or anything else that you want with your own companies.

What can you do with this data ?

If you can gather some sort of feedback through this kind of data processing, that ‘information’ that you have created ‘will be worth the time and effort’ of you.

This would be very beneficial to your business and you will save a lot of time and effort. I believe this kind of data is very important for many businesses, but I also believe that we don’t have a good enough understanding of it yet. We must learn more and more about it. I also don’t believe there is any reason to think it’s only you who will benefit from this kind of data-processing. If you see that your product is ‘worth the time’ or ‘the effort’ or ‘the quality’ or ‘the service’ by you as a user of your product, it’s very much a good development because it shows the whole community that you are a good person who can make things in your company better and to be a better user of your service. That could also help you in the future.

Who am I ?

My name is Gary – I am a data scientist by education and I work actively in this profession – as a member of many research teams. Due to the huge amount of data I deal with – I had to learn to deal with it. I help a company and a government agency to organize and process data in order to extract specific knowledge from data (data science)

The main area of my professional interest are large financial data collections and logs from information systems. It happens that I work for the pharmaceutical industry, banks and marketing agencies that need data analysis for their clients.

In my work, I use both the classic approach based on statistical methods, as well as modern tools based on neural networks and probabilistic results

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