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Destiny waterfall – a great success of our work

When a stream of data flows from the mountains and we are trapped under a waterfall We try to tame it, it comes to my mind the idea of ??a Tibetan monk who throughout his life tried to understand the correlation between wealth and peace of mind.

This is the artistic vision presented to us by our marketing specialist who is currently promoting a new product that I was involved in.
The product in question is a specialized tool for analyzing data from Google Search console

I wrote about it in my previous post (here) because I was invited as a data scientist to develop the core of the algorithm on which this product is based.

It turns out that the result of our work exceeded the wildest expectations of both analysts and the management of the company with which I cooperated on this project.

The product was so well received by interested customers that the management of the company that commissioned me to do this offered me to continue the work and paid me a generous six-digit bonus.

There is nothing else for me to do but invite you to a presentation in which the advantages of this product are discussed.

Personally, I do not know so well about the SEO industry, but with the people I talked to about it, it appears that the product is revolutionary and groundbreaking.

The main advantage of this unique SEO approach is that the analysis takes 1000 keywords as input and as a result we get only the 20 most promising.

Allegedly, the algorithms developed by us are so good that they coincide with the forecasts of the best specialists who were asked to indicate the most promising phrases from the Google search console results.

Generally, it can be said that we managed to eliminate or significantly shorten the work of SEO analysts and fully automate it

I hope no SEO specialist will be sad or lose their job because of it. I hope and deeply believe that people who have worked in this field so far will find other areas in which they will be able to fulfill themselves. However, our tool will help them.

So if you have an online store or any other website and you want to increase the number of visitors, be sure to check this page at

As I mentioned, this project will be continued.

For now, however, enjoying the bonus paid, I intend to relax a bit because the fact is that I have been working a lot recently.

If you are interested in what I am going to do now – see the picture below for a gentle hint.

At the moment I do not have any current orders, so let me meditate at the behest of a Buddhist monk standing under the waterfall of data.


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