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Optimistic vs Pessimistic – find your way of life

It been a while since my last post here on my blog and I need to apologize for it.

There is no excuse for my absence – I just was to lazy to write something because summer does not go well with computers and so on. I am really sorry for this.

Today I will try to catch up and explain what I am planning to do next with my life.

I you may know from my previous post – I quit my job in corporation and start more “freelance” way of living.

You can read about it here.

My current situation at work

During few last months I was involved in some interesting project as an advisor and data analyst expert.

Due to the fact that I had a few weeks of free time – between projects – I was involved in the activities of startups and some non-profit projects.

Currently, I can afford the comfort of selfless help for young entrepreneurs and visionaries who do not lack enthusiasm, but sometimes would need a bit of experience and consultation from a slightly older person.

I must say I was very interesting time and I am fully satisfied from the result of my work – both commercial and non-profit.

I can not complain to earnings and stuff like this but let’s be honest – corporation pays more but sucks life from you like vampire.

As an older and experienced bread eater – at this point I would like to warn young people against falling into the trap of a corporation machine that pulls out like a black hole.

I realize that not everyone has the personality and conditions to create their own company or work in a startup – which, by definition, carries a considerable risk of failure. My point is rather that young people do not lose touch with life – sacrificing friends, love, family relationships – on the scraps thrown from the corporate table.

It is a quite bit topic and now I have some thoughts about it but let’s leave it for a moment.

To to clear:

Nowadays my professional activity gives me a lot of joy – it is complete other league comparing to corporate rat-race.

There is no boredom and I cannot complain about earnings. I will not die of hunger.

At the present stage of my life, I am happy and may this state last as long as possible. Soon I will describe in detail the projects that I am currently implementing. Stay healthy and see you soon.


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