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Business and Finance

In this category I have collected all interesting information from the World of finance, economy and business. I added there also some interesting commercial but niche web-shops with specialized equipment.

Why such a category?

As a data analyst, I analyze financial data very often. Whether we like it or not, you cannot live without money in the 21st century.
Problems with finances concern each of us, from an early age, which is why I have collected here valuable pages that will allow for personal development and a better understanding of the complicated world of finances.

The last couple of years have seen a boom in the field of finance that was born of the global financial crisis of 2007-08, where some of the world’s most powerful companies like Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley were caught in the crossfire between regulators.

We need to act as global society to avoid such events in the future. This could be done only by proper financial education and social informational programs.

All about finance – educational blog

We can talk about finances in two ways: as professional with hard language and economy terms or as ordinary people – consumers with simple cause and effect chains.
People should learn economy and financial basics. It will allow them to avoid common financial problems in the future.
I think financial education is very important even for kid and teenagers because hey can learn to make sense of money.

Adults should also learn a lot about finance and economy because they are much less likely to be in that position in the future when they don not have to pay for it or know they stay in a very good situation.

I think that people with basic understanding should also be educated in the basic concepts. The people can learn about finance at school.
I am not a lawyer or a tax lawyer, but I am a financial advisor and an economic advisor – says the owner of this website.

The idea behind this project is to make financial system easy for people.

Visit All About Finance

All for Home – home appliances and accessories

In my opinion one of the best on-line shopping centers in United Kingdom. In addition to good prices, the site offers a substantial body of knowledge on the use of domestic appliances and a pre-purchase comparison. The exact database describes various parameters that should be taken into account before buying.

If you are furnishing a new flat or house, or you are doing a general renovation or home improvement – it is worth taking a look.

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