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Personal Blogs – private websites

In this category I have collected all personal blogs and generic private sites where interesting people has something important to say or live non trivial life.

Personal blog of Julia

I’m reader of Julia’s blog for quite some time. Julia is a copywriter and she is really good at her work.

There’s nothing more powerful than a story that moves people. It can’t be told in a short sentence. As Julia Thompson writes, “the most powerful thing we can do is to tell a story, one that can stand against all the clutter of time. If a story moves through time, it moves a person.” Her words are as relevant now as they were when she first wrote her book, and are a testament to the power of writing.
Black’s book follows the journey from a series of stories into an epic story from the beginning, in an extraordinary and often unexpected way. The book follows the stories of a young woman’s journey, and the journey into and beyond it, as she learns to let go of all the clutter in the life she has become. Her story is not always so clear cut or so straight forward – and this story is not always about her, it is about a boy she has been raising for seven years, who is growing up.

To visit her blog click here

Home ideas – family from United Kingdom

I know many families. Most of them are quite moderate and matches the “norms”. This family is quite different. They describe live as I should be I think. They wonder about rising children in good mental and physical condition. They explore music, traveling and reading books.
I think it is worth some time to check their adventures.

One of the best family blog in UK

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