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Technology and Science

In this category I have collected all technology and science pages that describes the world of electronics, robotics industry and space stuff. I have collected all the pages about technology and science that in my opinions are worth visiting.

The pages are arranged in alphabetical ordering of the topics from most to least. This is the reason why i chose to organize each subcategory in a specific order.

Is technology good or bad?

Well, I believe technology is neutral. Technology is a tool like a weapon or dynamite. It can be used for good and bad purposes, and the human being is always responsible for it.

If we are not talking about super advanced artificial intelligence, which can no longer be controlled, then the responsibility for harm to other people or the environment lies with the one who uses this technology.

The reason I’m arguing for a zero tolerance approach is that we have a long way to go before there is no more of a problem. We are in the middle of a global ecological crisis that is destroying the biosphere. I do see a lot of problems in terms of people’s rights being violated, and if these can be resolved and we can move to a system where the most severe offenders are held responsible

But, as I’ve written in the past, as you said, a zero tolerance policy can only be a problem for people who know more than others in what their needs are or in how to protect ourself from the threat that could be a result of using technology in proper way.

You are right, my point is, I am not a very big scientist. But, if I were, I would be a little nervous about a zero tolerance approach..

Inventors community blog

There are few places on the web where technically talented people often exchange very innovative ideas so freely.
This website brings together people such as inventors, technicians, engineers, programmers who discuss topics related to technological improvements as well as completely new solutions that improve the quality of life.
The website also covers topics related to ecology and environmental protection, e.g. the use of drones to monitor forests and warn about fires.
There are also topics related to legal or ethical issues related to data processing or the protection of privacy.
Recently, there are also more and more ideas for applications that improve relationships between people – e.g. a dating application that takes into account the issues of alcohol consumption.

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